8 Travel Tips For Ostomates

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Having an ostomy should not stop you from traveling anywhere in the world. At first, you might be reluctant to travel with a stoma. You might be worried about falling short of ostomy supplies, not finding a proper place to change the ostomy pouch, or facing an embarrassing situation during your journey. The solution to all these worries is planning. Planning beforehand can anticipate the challenges you might face during your journey and can help you prepare yourself accordingly.

Here are a few tips which will make traveling with an ostomy a breeze for you:

8 Travel Tips For Ostomates

1. Stay Hydrated

There is a no bigger spoiled spot to your journey than dehydration. If you have a stoma, especially an ileostomy, there are chances of getting dehydrated soon. So drink plenty of water during your journey.

8 Travel Tips For Ostomates

2. Be Handy With Pre-Cut Skin Barriers

If you are using cut-to-fit skin barriers, it is important to pre-cut some of them at home. This will make things handy when you want to change your pouch during the journey.

8 Travel Tips For Ostomates

3. Do Not Miss Packing Extra Supplies

Pack extra ostomy pouches, skin barriers and accessories so that you are never short of supplies and can change your pouch whenever required. Also, carry some ostomy supplies in your hand bag in case your luggage is misplaced.

8 Travel Tips For Ostomates

4. Make A Menu For Your Trip

Trips are always overwhelming and can often make you eat what you are not supposed to. Make a list of things you should eat during your journey and stick to it. Avoid foods like cabbage and spinach to prevent gas buildup.

8 Travel Tips For Ostomates

5. Plan The Route When Traveling By Road

Planning the route is important to get an idea of restrooms and restaurants you will pass by while traveling. You should have an idea of the nearest rest stop so that you can change your pouch accordingly.

8 Travel Tips For Ostomates

6. Carry A Travel Communication Card

This card is issued by the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA) and contains a brief description of your ostomy. It will help you deal with the airline security quickly.

8 Travel Tips For Ostomates

7. Get An Idea Of Your Destination's Weather

Adhesiveness of your skin barriers can get affected due to warm weathers. Check the weather beforehand and prepare yourself according to weather conditions of your destination.

8 Travel Tips For Ostomates

8. Store The Ostomy Products Properly

Avoid storing ostomy products in hot and humid places. They should not get too warm over the journey. If convenient, carry a small cooler with you to store your ostomy supplies.

Ostomy Travel Tips For Your Special Stoma Type

Depending on the type of your stoma, there are some special tips which will help you make your trip comfortable and successful.

Tips for Ileostomy

  • With ileostomy there is always a chance of fluid leakage at night. Carry plastic sheets or mattress covers to protect the mattress you use.
  • Dehydration can be a problem in hot climates. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

Tips for Urostomy

  • Dehydration can become a problem with urostomy as well. So make sure that you keep yourself hydrated throughout the journey.
  • If there are extended periods between pouch emptying, drainage or leg bags can help. They will make sure that no accidents occur when you are asleep.
  • In warm weather, take special care of your skin around the stoma. Consult a doctor immediately if you see the symptoms of a urinary infection.

Tips for Colostomy

  • A change in diet or cabin pressure in a plane can develop gas in the body. Avoid eatables like cabbage, spinach, carbonated drinks, etc. that can create gas. Eating too quickly can also create gas.
  • You can opt for irrigation to empty your bowel at a time that is convenient to you. This is especially helpful when you have limited access to bathrooms.
  • Ostomy pouch with a filter can also help. It has a small vent with a filter in the top that absorbs odors and allows the trapped gas to escape.


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