Ileostomy – All You Need To Know About It

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In an ileostomy, a part of the small intestine is surgically brought outside the abdominal wall to create a stoma. Digested food is usually fluid in this part of the intestine and you might have to wear an ostomy pouch to collect the stools passed out from the stoma. This surgery is most commonly used for temporary bowel diversion. A person undergoing this surgery may require some specific products like drainable ostomy pouches, stoma covers, belts, skincare products, and more.

What is an Ileostomy and how does it work?

If there is a situation wherein the entire colon is diseased and needs to be removed, or when your bowel needs some rest to heal, an ileostomy surgery is performed. The end of the small intestine usually referred to as the ileum, is the place where the small and the large intestine meet. A stoma is created by separating the small and the large intestine and bringing out the end of the small intestine to the surface of the abdominal wall. A stoma in an ileostomy is normally made on the right side of the body. You may need to wear a drainable ostomy pouch because the stools coming out from stoma have high-water content and you would want to empty your ileostomy bag a little more than often.

What is an Ileostomy?

When do you need an Ileostomy?

One might need an ileostomy surgery because of the following reasons:

  • Inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis
  • Colon or rectal cancer
  • Familial polyposis, an inherited condition that can lead to colon cancer
  • Certain birth defects that involve intestines
  • An injury or accident that damages your intestines
  • Hirschsprung’s disease

Types of Ileostomies

There are two different types of ileostomies based on their time period, temporary and permanent.

1. Temporary Ileostomy

A temporary ileostomy is performed for a damaged colon or rectum that only needs some time to recover from an injury or surgery. Once the colon or rectum heals, the surgery is reversed so that the stool can now pass through the colon normally. There is no need for an ostomy pouch after this.

2. Permanent Ileostomy

A permanent ileostomy is required when the entire colon is to be removed and reconnection to the anus is not feasible. This surgery is not expected to be reversed.

The other three major types of ileostomies are standard ileostomy, continent ileostomy, and ileo-anal reservoir.

Types of Ileostomies

1. Standard or Brooke Ileostomy

Standard or Brooke is the most common type of ileostomy. In this procedure, the ileum is connected to the abdominal wall and secured there. The output from this surgery is liquid or paste-like with constant drainage. You will need to wear an open-ended ostomy pouch at all times to collect the drainage from the stoma.

2. Continent Ileostomy

In continent ileostomy, there is no need for an ostomy pouch. During this procedure, a surgeon creates a pocket and valve at the end of the small intestine. You will have to insert a catheter into the pocket to drain the waste several times a day. The output from this portion will be liquid or paste-like. A stoma cap can be used to cover the stoma once the drainage is complete.

3. Ileo-Anal Reservoir

An ileo-anal reservoir is also called a J-pouch or pelvic pouch. During this procedure, a surgeon creates a pouch from the ileum and rectum and connects it to the anus. This pouch will store the waste material, which is usually in the form of soft, formed stool. When required, stools can be passed out through anus. In this surgery, it is important to take care of the skin around the anus.

What supplies do you need for an Ileostomy?

1-Piece or 2-Piece Drainable Ostomy Pouches

A drainable ostomy pouch is recommended for an ileostomy, considering the liquid nature of output that requires frequent emptying. They can be of two types – one-piece and two-piece ostomy systems. In a one-piece ostomy system, the ileostomy pouch and skin barrier are attached while in a two-piece ostomy system, the ileostomy pouch and skin barrier are detachable. In a 2-piece, you need not remove the skin barrier every time you change the pouch.

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Ostomy Belts

Wearing an ostomy support belt is a personal choice. It helps in holding the pouch in place and makes you feel more secure while performing your routine activities. Some people also use medical tapes that can be used around the skin barrier to secure it in place.

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Stoma Caps or Covers

Stoma caps can only be used by ostomates who have a continent ileostomy. They cannot be considered as bags or pouches because they hardly have any capacity to hold stools. As a result, stoma caps are best suited for inactive stomas. Just like traditional ostomy pouches, they include a wide variety of options – one-piece or two-piece, pre-cut or cut-to-fit, transparent or opaque, and many more.

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Ostomy Skin Care

Ostomy skincare products include skin protectants, ostomy pastes, powders, and more. They help protect the peristomal skin from harmful adhesives and keep it healthy and hygienic. They also help by increasing the wear time of ostomy appliances, which results in lesser skin-stripping due to fewer product changes.

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Odor Eliminators

Ostomy odor eliminators are used to curb unpleasant and embarrassing odors associated with ostomy bags. They make you more confident about your special and intimate moments. Odor eliminators come in a wide range of products including lubricants, sprays, drops, etc. to fit your specific need.

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