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It takes time to get used to an ostomy. After the recovery period you will be able to resume your social life, work, physical activities and other day to day activities. Extra care for ostomy will always be there in your mind. For these reasons there are several products available that can assist you in everyday life.

Ostomy belts hold ostomy pouch in place with added security and discretion. They are designed for extra sense of security and peace of mind while you continue to be confident and live an active life. There are different types of ostomy belts available for the right side stoma and the left side stoma. They are highly adjustable and come with features like regular elastic, wide elastic, latex-free or latex belts that too with the additional ease of being washable. Choose from the top manufacturers like Nu-Hope, Marlen, Hollister, Torbot, Coloplast, ConvaTec and more.

Coloplast Brava Adjustable Ostomy Belt
Ostomy Belt

Ostomy Deodorants

Body odor is something that concerns everyone. You can get rid of unpleasant odor associated with ostomy bags with the whole line of deodorants and sprays. They are available different forms to suit user preferences. Most preferred is the liquid deodorant. Also there are:

Anacapa Sani-Zone Ostomy Appliance Deodorant
Parthenon Devko Ostomy Pouch Deodorant Tablets
Genairex Securi-T Lubricating Gel Deodorant
Genairex Securi-T Ostomy Deodorant
Liquid Deodorants Deodorant Tablets Deodorant Gel Deodorant Powder

Ostomy Absorbent Gel

Absorbent gel eliminates the fluids that come from the ostomy pouch. It is most commonly available in crystalline form but is also available in tablet form. They are highly soluble and extremely absorbent. Granules absorb the ileostomy fluid and evenly distribute the weight. It increases security and keeps effluent away from barrier that increases wear time. Plastic film packet enclosing the granules dissolves inside pouch.

Secure Health Gel-X Absorbent Tablets For Ostomy Pouches
Cymed Original Ile-Sorb Absorbent Gel Packs
Absorbent Gel Tablets Absorbent Gel Packs

Other ostomy accessories that can be helpful to you are listed below:

  1. Ostomy Alert Device – Ostom Alert Device uses sensor technology to alert patients to empty ostomy bags. It helps warn patients when their ostomy bags are full so they can empty them without risking an overflow.

  2. Stoma Caps - Stoma caps can be placed on the stoma when the stoma is not active (draining). People with descending or sigmoid colostomies who irrigate may use stoma covers or caps.

  3. Ostomy Garments - Wide range of ostomy garments in varied sizes, shapes and colors for both - men and women are available for convenience, style and comfort.

  4. Pouch Closure Clamps - Pouch closures help in sealing the ends and eliminate the need for a clip.

  5. Tape Strips - Curved, pre-cut, waterproof adhering, hypoallergenic and many other types and variety of tape strips are available from top manufacturers with high quality.

  6. Irrigation and Drainage SuppliesIrrigation and Drainage Supplies are usually safe and durable. There are drainage kits, faecal collectors and kits, irrigation sets, drainage containers and irrigation sleeves from the well-known brands like Assura, Flexi-Seal, Visi Flow, PleurX and more.

  7. Stoma Cutter - Cutting and fitting is essential to ensure a good seal of pouches on stoma.

  8. Faceplates, Connectors and Tubing & Mounting Rings are available for extra facilitation.

Where to buy Ostomy Care products online?

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